Find the perfect job and get shortlisted


Make sure you CV matches the spec.

The recruiters put in a lot of time and effort creating the perfect ad to tell you all about the job and what is the minimum skills required.

Firstly, recruiters are learned to close the candidate to the specific client. That is what most recruiters are focussing on.

  • Location
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Salary expectations

It is very difficult for a candidate to relocate whether this is in South Africa or International, the interviews, tests, meet & greets are very difficult.

So next time make sure you have all the relevant experience, education and you reside in the right location, some salary expectations are too high and therefore the clients says NO!, try to keep it market-related salaries (Current salary + 15%). Always be honest with the recruiter, they might turn things around for the client and they will take you in with open arms.

If you have all the experience, education GO FOR IT!!.

Good luck.

ICT Recruit Team