Get the Interview, Get the Job

First impressions count, especially with a CV. When your CV is in front of a recruiter, it will typically get between 10 and 30 seconds of their time to impress the socks off them, so don’t let your CV become a rejected CV.

To be in with a shot of getting an interview for that job, you really need to master the art of writing a stellar CV that is customised for the vacancy you are applying for and know how to avoid the pitfalls that could scupper your chances.

Guys it is important that everyone please send all your details, not qualifications or salary slips, but details.

CV’s with this info wont probably even bother anyone’s attention

  • Company: ABC
  • Job title: Junior Developer
  • There are no job functions, no skills, no projects no reason for leaving

Please note if you have a CV like this your chances of getting the job would be 10%, remember that if you send your CV it’s a way of getting to know what you’re doing without meeting you

You need to “sell” yourself completely in order to receive less irritable calls from the companies or Recruitment agencies.

We see some real shocking email addresses and they give us an instant negative perception of a candidate.  Try to stick to using your name with an email address.  What a shame it would be to be the perfect fit for a position only to fall at the first hurdle because of your ‘funny’ email address?

You must ensure that when you list your jobs that you have accurate start and finish dates; usually stipulating the month and year will be sufficient. A CV without this information will be rejected because the recruiter will simply think you are trying to hide something.

Whether it’s a sabbatical or a redundancy or if it’s because of health reasons, it’s always better to explain the gap on your CV. Leaving any doubt in the recruiter’s mind will simply give them a reason to think you are not the ideal candidate for the job.

There is a lot of CV templates on the net, try to find one that catches your eye and give all relevant information as possible


-Lee-Ann Randall